Ten years after the financial crash, the current course of our economy is still propelling us towards systemic collapse. The priority of our economy must be to serve the planet and its people. Continuing on the present path is no option. People across Europe and beyond are calling for and creating alternatives. But the situation is dire and requires us to amp up the pressure. Will you join?

This Coordination Meeting provides a space for learning and relationship building with people working on topics related to systems change and the economy. In addition, Reclaim Our Economy and the Unbewitch Finance Lab, would like to use the space to invite participants to collaborate on a community-led European Action Camp in 2020. The general idea for the 2020 Action Camp is, to engage in direct action which will allow us to reimagine, co-create and experience systemic change.

We aim to bring together representatives/coordinators from European activist groups, artists, grassroots initiatives, researchers, unions, NGOs, and CSOs, who would like to create a new understanding of- and acting in the economy.

The event is free of charge, however, we welcome donations in order to cover for basic expenses as well as the travel solidarity fund.

You can register here: https://forms.gle/Xa2knaU5T2wK232L8