What We Do

Int. Collaboration

Reclaim our Economy activists are engaged in various related activities across Europe. This helps us to engage with the broader systems change movement and allows for better organisation across different focus areas. We also frequently hold workshops to create a better environment for the sharing of skills and knowledge.


We recognise that it is vital for systems change to support marginalised people, not only with our solidarity but also with our bodies. Therefore, all our work is action focused and is aimed towards the creation of opportunities that can amplify the voices of those who are systematically excluded from the current narrative of our economic systems.


The transformational change our group aims for addresses the collective responsibility to co-create the conditions of an economy that serves our planet and the people. Linking thought and experience, we coordinate the organisation of international spaces for political action, networking, the existing alternative systems and the emerging ones. Through this we help to reimagine, experience and create the world in diverse, and creative ways.

public events


First Action Camp – Coordination Meeting July 26th-28th 2019 Essen. For more information, check: https://reclaimoureconomy.org/first-event/

past actions/Workshops/presentations


Festival for New Economic Thinking, Edinburgh, Scotland
AEMS Summer School, Vienna, Austria
Post-Growth 2018 Conference, Brussels, Belgium
Agora for the Great Transition, Paris, France
Guerrilla Foundation, THE BACKBONE – Fund for Activism Structures
Change Finance Forum 2018, Brussels, Belgium
Shifting the Narratives towards a Wellbeing Economy, Lancaster, England
Reclaim Our Economy: Cities as Drivers for Alternative Economies, Essen, Germany
Summer Academy “Challenging an Unsustainable Economic System, Florence, Italy
Summer Academy for Pluralist Economics 2017, Erfurt, Germany
Cooperation and engagement
NESI Forum 2017, Malaga, Spain
Degrowth Summer School, Malmö, Sweden
International Summer School of Political Ecology 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Wellbeing Economy Alliance Founding Meeting, Malaga, Spain

archived news


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Politicians talk, leaders act. The Action Camp will provide a first ever space for European actors – and those wanting to become active – to get to know each other, collaborate and take action together on economic leverage points towards systemic change.